Second semester time table

Second semester examinations

Second semester subjects

This course teaches methods to perform usability evaluation, experimental design and to statistically analyse the results. Different evaluation methods will be introduced for different tasks, user groups, and performed in a lab environment as well as in field.


Faculty members with subject teaching role: Elena Villalba Mora (Subject coordinator), Cristian Moral Martos.


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This course is a multi-disciplinary project course with user cooperation in all phases of the project, from a general described theme to a specific and finished result. The project will be reported in different media. The project is expected to be integrated with the Business Development Lab course (part of the I&E minor).

The students will be assigned to teams. Each team will chose a subject for developing a project of an interactive system, applying the user-centred design process stages, under the supervision of one of the professors of the course. The teams will present in the classroom the status of their projects at different stages of the design process.


Faculty members with subject teaching role: Elena Villalba Mora (Subject coordinator), Cristian Moral Martos.


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About 80% of the data generated worldwide is visual information: images and videos. To capitalize on the value of this enormous amount of information, various technologies are needed to organize, store, retrieve and interpret this information automatically.

In this scenario, image mining provides the framework and tools needed to extract the implicit knowledge, useful data and relationship between image data from the images stored in large image databases.

Since the course does not presuppose prior knowledge of image processing, the first part of the course focuses on providing students with the concepts and methods needed to understand how to structure the information contained in images, which is the first step in starting an image mining project..


Faculty members with subject teaching role: Angel Mario Garcia Pedrero (Subject coordinator), Consuelo Gonzalo Martin.


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The course is mainly dedicated to the improvement of the development of software engineering projects by means of Data Mining. 

The course is very interactive, with the development of many short projects and exposition at class. Learning by doing, using the IBM SPSS Modeler tool.


  • Data Engineering, Data MIning, Business Intelligence 
  • CRISP-DM, or the Data Mining Process 


  • Classification 
  • Regression
  • Association
  • Clustering.

Faculty members with subject teaching role: Fco.javier Segovia Perez (Subject coordinator), Ernestina Menasalvas Ruiz.

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This course corresponds to the first part of the Business Development labs I&E (8 ECTS) proposed for the I&E minor and it is offered in the second semester of the 1st year. The objective is to help students in the development of an innovative digital product or service.

The course is organised during one month with 10 hours lecturing, 20 hours for individual work and 5 hours for group discussions. Individual work is mentored. .


Faculty members with subject teaching role: Aristides Senra Diaz (Subject coordinator), Federico Garcia-Linares Fontes.


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Several elective I&E seminars/courses will be offered covering advanced topics on any of the following: business development, business finance, marketing, innovation management, intellectual property and market research..


Faculty members with subject teaching role: Fco. Javier Segovia Perez (Subject coordinator).


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  • Understanding the IT sector in the EU: towards digital economy-
  • Structure of the ICT sector in the EU-
  • Introduction to the specificities of digital products and services-
  • Digital marketing-
  • Early-stage internationalization (comparison with other regions). Where should you locate your company? Role of clusters, co-working spaces and centres for innovation support-
  • What happens when the product/service is already in the market?.

Faculty members with subject teaching role: Federico Garcia-Linares Fontes (Subject coordinator), Aristides Senra Diaz.


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