About Creative lab

At Creativelab “we develop creative solutions for people” and promote a human centered innovation approach. Creative lab is available to students who go through the first or second year of the master to conduct participatory design sessions or evaluation sessions focused on putting into practice the methodology of people-centered innovation.


Technical equipment and devices provided at Creativelab allow student to conduct user tests. We also provide a collaborative work space equipped with whiteboards, flipcharts and tools designed to improve collaborative work.


Creativelab activities includes a training aimed at participating students, consisting of practical workshops to develop their entrepreneurial, intrapreneurship and innovation capacities with a focus on user experience.

Remote usability testing is a method of remote research of test participants as they interact with your product or experience in their natural environment—at home, in their office, or a specific location. In this workshop, you will practise the setup of a remote usability testing.

Lab booking

Currently the lab is not available for in person activities.